For over 50 years, many of Wirral's shops, cafes and restaurants have entrusted Appleby's Farm to supply them daily with farm-fresh, free-range eggs.

Now we are proud and excited to announce that our grass-fed dairy herd are the first on the Wirral and Merseyside to be licensed to supply fresh, free-range, raw milk direct to the public.

What is Raw Milk?

  • Unpasteurised

    Nothing's been added and nothing's been taken away. The milk has not been pasteurised like regular supermarket milk. The heat-treatment of pasteurisation kills off the "good bacteria".

  • Healthy

    Its auto-immune system properties are beneficial to sufferers of eczema and asthma, and the natural pro-biotics it contains help with digestion and the absorption of calcium.

  • Fresh

    The milk is only available on the same day it is produced. You can't get fresher!

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How it Works

Drive to the Farm

The milk is not on sale in shops - it can only be bought direct from the farm. The milk is replenished daily with fresh, new milk, straight from the cow ensuring that you, our valued customer, have the freshest milk possible.

Select Your Bottle

We have the usual plastic milk cartons that you're used to. These come in 1 or 2 litre capacities. Alternatively, for a few pence more, you can choose our glass bottle. This is slightly more expensive but of course it is reusable so will save you money in the long run, and is kinder to the environment.

Collect Your Milk

Choose a payment method and how much milk you would like, then insert your chosen bottle into our milk machine The Milkbot! Fresh, chilled milk will be dispensed for you to take home and enjoy. In doing so you have got yourself the freshest milk there is, taken a step towards a healthier lifestyle, done your bit for the environment and helped your local farmer - all at the same time! It really is that easy!

How to operate the Milkbot

The milk vending machine (the 'Milkbot') is really easy to use and takes cash , credit or debit card. Watch our quick instructional video to see Jon Appleby demonstrate how it's done.
Note: for credit card users, the payment will appear on your statement from NYX*CE ProjectsRetail

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