Grass for the Herd


Hi everyone. Our customers love the milk we produce but many ask us about the farm in general and and how we care for our cattle. So this post is for them and anyone else who might be interested.

A customer recently asked what we feed the herd. The short answer is … grass! Our ladies are grass fed, something we strongly believe contributes to the quality of milk they produce. Of course, in the summer, this is easy – the herd is out in the fields eating all that luscious greenery. But in the winter, grass growth has come to a standstill…so what then?

Here’s a short video to show you what we do in May to prepare for the winter ahead.

Catch you soon,


  1. That’s brilliant! The kids love watching you do the silaging. Will show them in the morning. Great video.

  2. It’s amazing to know that you are grass fed farm! More omega 3s! You are so progressive in your approach! Keep it up! I am so excited to have you locally! Great job! Thank you!

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