Two ‘n’ a bit weeks in…and a big thanks to you all!

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we’ve had at Appleby’s since pancake day, and what a start to our new raw milk venture!
The biggest – and most pleasant – surprise over the last few weeks, has been the incredible sense of community surrounding the raw milk. It’s as though people had been waiting for someone to offer it and we’ve been quite overwhelmed by your support and the positive feedback.
Based on this wonderful response, we thought you might like some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes here and so with the best of intentions, I thought I’d post something to the blog to keep you updated.
This week on the farm we are preparing the paddocks for the cows to go out at night time. They’ve been grazing outside during the day since 12th February but there wasn’t enough grass growth to let them out at night too. The last few days of warmth and sunshine though, has encouraged the grass to grow, so now we can let the cows graze all day and night.

We have a little bit of silage (conserved grass that we use to feed the cows in winter) left to feed the young stock who can go out in a couple of weeks time

Cows grazing on Appleby's Farm

Cows grazing on Appleby’s Farm

Keep checking here for more news over the coming months.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing you soon at Appleby’s Farm.

(Jon the Farmer)

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